Sunday, December 7, 2014

"Winter" They Call It

 Dress: 2020Ave, Top: WalMart, Boots: Ariat, Necklace: The Style Projects Store

while it may be the holiday season,
I am still able to wear THIS outfit in the bay!
I'm forever mesmerized by the California weather.

I hope you all are all having a great winter,
here we call it "winter". fake winter. 60 degrees.
its been rainy, and annoying, so my hair can't work right now.

basically dying,. 
at least its not cold. :)

as another year is coming to a close,
I find my work busier than ever, and more challenging to get dressed.
dresses, cardigan, and boots is like my life right now!
but that's ok. I can deal.

what kinda winter are y'all having??

all images by Hatcher Studio

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Returning Home

 Top: Forever 21, Leggings: Cotton On, Necklace H&M, Boots: Relent

After wandering and straying away,
its always good to return home.
I struggle now with the definition of home, however.

Home is where the heart is,
where your parents are,
where your shoes are?

I don't really know. 

This spot on the edge of the bay feels like home.
Rolling hills, dry grass and weeds, and whipping wind.
A little bit of everything from my previous "home towns"...

All I really know is that I'm comfortable.
Comfy also in these leggings and this ever-forgiving shirt,
for sure. From work, to play,.
to cuddling on the couch, I can dig it.

I hope you and yours are having a fabulous fall.
As always, I am busier than ever at work, and my shop has me workin like a dog!
I have lots of photos to share, and I promise to try harder!

All images by Dustin and Aimee at Hatcher Studio

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Indian Summer

All Clothing: Forever 21, Necklace: The Style Projects Etsy Store, Shoes: Bella via Groupon

now, I'm back for a minute
I'd be lying if I said I "hadn't had time"
to be blogging,
but I have.

but I've been out here doing my thing,
etsy sellin, wholesalin- (to and more to come)
and workin my tail off at the salon.

on my Sundays off, I'm leaving the house when its still hot out,
then not getting home till its got that bay breeze coming in.
this indian summer is somethin!
I don't miss the feeling of fall soooo early in Texas,
compared to the couple weeks of "fall" there are here in the Bay.
this outfit is my perfect September/October feelin.

 the necklace featured in this outfit will soon be added to my shop!
just workin on chains for all 50 of them in assorted colors :)

All photos by Dustin and Aimee Hatcher at Hatcher Studio

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Saturated Frames

 Frames: Target, Poncho, Tank: Forever21, Jeans: Cotton On, Booties: Amazon, Necklace: Khloe, Lips: HotRed Jumbo Lip Pencil by NYX

no, my hair isn't copper (again)
but its funny what the golden hour will do to your photos
wiggle the saturation when editing, and bam,
I'm a ginger princess! 

at this time of day, when the sun starts to set,
it gets a chill in the air and it almost,
almost feels like *nothing* outside.
for some reason, I find comfort in that feeling.
Cali requires you to keep a cardi around always,
and this geometric one is my fav.
(compliments of my mom :)

so as an update for the etsy store,
I'm officially open for business
I'd love it if you'd go take a look at my goodies!

all images by Hatcher Studio

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Confidence is a Girl's Best Friend

 Dress: Bebe, Pumps: c/o Sway Chic

while I've been slacking on posting,
I've been workin on dat boday ^
this was before I lost even more weight!
these were taken a lil bit ago, so sorry,
but I'm so getting there!

this dress didn't fit until February-
and now it does, so well!

to be totally honest at the risk of you all judging me,
I've been pole dancing my way to a more fit body!
poling has been a great workout that gives me so much confidence-
while still giving me a crazy good workout.

hooping is still my cardio, 
but I don't wanna talk like its a workout blog-
celebrate the good and move forward

All images from Hatcher Studio
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